You are about to read about a wonderful opportunity.

A mission to expand and enrich the permaculture movement.  We are forming a Women’s Permaculture Institute.  The intention of the institute is to support and reveal the work of women permacultureists.

Women bring a different perspective and sensibility to the table, whether it’s the drafting table, the carpenter’s bench, or the kitchen table. In these days of uncertainty and “peak”, we need all these tables to be abundant and assure that all of us are welcome to take a seat. So it is up to us to change perceptions and reinforce the necessity and value of our contributions to our families, our communities, and our earth. Women must be the change they wish to see, one step at a time.

The Women’s Permaculture Institute will be designed by and for women to inspire women to create healthy and abundant livelihoods and communities and to honor women who are already leaders in the permaculture movement. The website will provide a resource for women to connect to each other and find ways to gain valuable skills and recognition that will help them thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Please take this opportunity to peruse our initial thoughts about our vision for the Women’s Permaculture Institute and the value it could bring to women all over the world. With your help, we will take six months to create an intentional organizational structure and business model that is rooted in systems thinking and the powerful connections between and among women.

To reinforce the significance of our efforts, we choose to be paid for our work. We, therefore, would like to raise $16,000 to support this initial phase that will achieve the following outcomes:
• Organizational structure and business model for the Women’s Permaculture Institute;
• Interactive website content;
• Fundraising strategies and sources for future phases; and
• ??????