Project Process

Our Originating Ideas:

From Joan Stevens:
Promote womens gatherings (have a packet of info that other women could use to host womens gatherings in their bioregions), be a networking hub for women in permaculture, be a resource for children’s permaculture, help fund women (especially under-represented women) to do PDCs and maybe even to start PC inspired businesses, network with other organizations for women.

From Starhawk:
What’s the institutes will do:
Support women’s projects connections and leadership. Create a childcare fund where permaculture courses can apply for child care grants so that they can have child care at their workshops. Create a loan or grant fund where we can help women get businesses started. Scholarship fund for women to take courses. Network of connection. Support courses taught by women.

From Melora:
Create a woman’s Institute that provides grants and microloans to women to develop and implement their projects. Provide organizing mentorship for the woman’s gatherings. Have a fund that can give small grants to women who want to have local women’s permaculture gatherings in their city or region.


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